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Spine Surgeon in Pune – Dr. Avneesh Gupte

Dr. Avneesh Gupte, the chairman of the team is qualified as MBBS, MS, MCh and is a super-specialist spine surgeon in Pune. Obviously not for doctors but for the general public, it is worth informing that MCh is the highest possible qualification in the world in the field of neuro-spine. This super-specialty MCh degree and fabulous experience he has achieved from the oldest and the most prestigious medical college of India – i.e King George Medical College, Lucknow.

Dr. Avneesh Gupte is one of the very few neurosurgeons in India who is dedicatedly focusing on Spine as his key interest. This is chiefly due to fabulous results in Spine in both non-surgical & Surgical problems.

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Most informative TV interviews on Spine
(which includes spine structure, functioning, patients complaint, treatment, Video testimonials in just 22 minutes)

Saam TV  :  3rd Monday ( Time : 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm )

Zee 24 Taas  TV :  1st Monday ( Time : 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm )


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Basic Spine

The human spine is a complex structure that provides both mobilities (so to bend and twist) and stability (so to remain upright). The normal curvature of the spine has an “s”- like curve when looked at from the side. This curvature allows even distribution of weight and withstands stress.

Slipped Disc

Disc herniation means the cushion that sits between the spinal bones (vertebra) is pushed outside its normal position. Since the spinal nerves are in close proximity

Neck and Back Pain

Neck and upper back pain can limit your movements and capabilities. If you don’t do anything about your pains, they can get worse, spread, and limit you further.

Back Pain

Back pain is the most common medical issue which can happen to any age group and male and females are both who equally suffer from this medical problem. Back pain can be acute or it can be chronic and recurrent in which we are carrying pain since years and years.

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