Dr.Gupte Spine Super Specialist



This treatment is available only & only in our hospital in the entire country.
Our hospital has provided this unique treatment care to thousands of patients in last 10 years successfully.
It needs 7 days admission at our hospital.

What will you receive in 7 days stay?

Special German machine treatment by experts daily for one hour twice a day.
Meditation : Extremely effective body and mind relaxing.
Specific Exercises for your painful area.
Minimal medications

What you don't get?

Injections or saline
Any side effects

How it works?

Every cell in our body has rhythm which is around 10 Hertz vibration. This rhythm gets disturbed in muscle tightness / spasm / inflammation / injury.
Max treatment helps to regain this rhythm back to 10 Hertz vibration. Thus it is a natural treatment which help in healing without any side effects.

Why this normal rhythm of cell is important ?

If your rhythm is normal (around 10Hz) then cell/ tissue/ muscles gets maximum blood flow. A good flow means it will bring more oxygen and nutrition to tissue/ muscles thus can help in QUICK NATURAL HEALING.
To maintain this rhythm we will expect you to continue few exercises after discharge from the hospital.

MAX Treatment Protocol is very useful in:

1) Neck pain
2) Mid Back pain
3) Low Back pain
4) All joints pain Knee, hip etc.
5) Muscle tightness related to tension/anxiety
6) Shoulder Pain (Frozen)
7) Heel pain / Plantar fasciitis
8) Weak Limb and many more

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