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Only Clinic in India Providing this

1. For diagnosis of spine problem: good quality MRI Scan and digital X-ray. For long-distance and outstation patients, we carry out following in one day :-

2. The only clinic in India which makes patients walk comfortably in 1 – 2 hours after spine surgery.


3. The only clinic which has huge OPD patients and all the patients have only spine problem. Patients with other problems are not seen.


4. The only hospital where every bed has patients with spine problems only. So our patients who are recently operated (example a day prior or two) boost the newly admitted patient about the fabulous result and remove confusion or fear.


5. Only clinic/hospital in India when OPD patients can see many patients comfortably walking immediately after surgery. OPD patients keeps talking to the successfully operated patient and get comfortable.


6. Only clinic in the world to display this in OPD wating area 


7. Only the spine center in the world to have a few thousand video testimonials on Youtube. You have to just type – Dr. Avneesh Gupte on YouTube.


8. Whether fear of spine surgery is removed even before meeting Dr. Avneesh Gupte. Videos of complicated and non-complicated spine surgical patients keep running in the OPD waiting area.


9. The only clinic in the world which allows to meet and discuss with our patients who have undergone similar surgery, and that too in huge numbers if you want.


10. Whether there is a concession of X-ray, MRI scan and very reasonable cost of spine surgery that too with the best results in the world. Reason for this – our goal is not making money but to spread the news in Maharashtra, whole India and across the globe that spine surgeries are not dangerous at all, and most people know wrong and have unnecessary fear and take temporary treatments till they reach the stage of paralysis/ irreversible damage.

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