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Why you should do Spine Surgery with us

1. Vinnayak Hospital is the only spine Super-Speciality hospital in Maharashtra (India) .


2. In here patient get relief and walks immediately within one hour after the spine operation .


3. In most operations, the patient is not in full general anesthesia, thus full painless operation is performed while talking with the patient.


4. At Vinnayak Hospital we teach patients how to get up-get down, as well as simple exercises to prevent spine pain in future.


5. After the patient has been admitted for operation, it is just not only the blood, urine but also other essential organs of the body are examined by M. D. doctors. This allows us to decide whether operation or procedure is safe, and which anesthesia is required.


6. A modern double door operation theater cannot open without closing one door in it, so outside air cannot be mixed with sterile operation theater environments.


7. With the help of the latest high resolution C arm machine of the Meditronics and Surgica America Company, operation is done in the spine where the gap/pressure/slip disc/fracture is located.


8. The world’s best coutery machine (from Valley Lab, Germany)is used in our hospital in every patient to prevent bleeding during the operation.


9. Blood pressure, pulse, oxygen level & ECG and breathing during and after the operation this information is seen on the Philips monitor of the German company which provides accurate information on the monitor. World’s best Philips monitors (from Netherland) are used during spine surgery and after surgery – they guarantee accurate measurement of Blood Pressure, Pulse, Oxygen Level, ECG, etc. 


10. For artificial respiration, we use a France ventilator machine (air-liquid) in the hospital.


11. We use advanced and excellent M. Shah & Company’s autoclave machine to sterilise operation equipments and dressings.


12. The operation theater is sterilized as per international norms. For this purpose, the international standard Bacillocid and EcoShield liquids are used to clean operation theater. Operation theater is regularly checked by Dr.Kelkar ( Microbiologist) for its proper sterlisation ( Germs Free Environment).


13. The part of patient’s body which has to undergo surgery is cleaned throughly for 20-25 minutes ( to avoid infection ).


14. In accordance with international norms, doctors and assistant staff wash their hands thoroughly for 10 minutes with surgical scrubs ( to avoid infection ).


15.Vinnayak hospital is only for SPINE care, Thus here all staff get to see and manage spine problems only ; obiviously best trained in spine care. 


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