Spine Basics

Human spine is a complex structure that provides both mobility (so to bend and twist) and stability (so to remain upright). The normal curvature of spine has an “s”- like curve when looked at from the side. This curvature allows even distribution of weight and with stand stress.

Spine is made up of 33 bones called vertebra. Spine is divided into 3 parts:

Cervical spine (neck region) – has 7 bones – C1 to C7

Dorsal or thoracic spine (upper back region) – has 12 bones – T1 to T12 or D1 to D12

Lumbar spine (low back region) – has 5 bones – L1 to L5

Finally below lumbar spine there is Sacrum and Coccyx (formed by 5 fused bones each).

Between each bone (vertebra) lies a flat, circular disc (inter vertebral disc). The outer part of disc is tough and strong called annulus. The inner portion is soft and absorbs shock called nucleus pulposus.

The spine surrounds and protects the spinal cord (very similar to how skull bone protects our brain). Peripheral nerves come out from the spinal cord. Nerves which come out from cervical region (neck) go to the arms and hand, nerves from dorsal or thoracic spine go around chest and abdomen and nerves from lumbar spine go to the legs and genitalia.

Thus it is so easy to understand that if somebody has low back pain with pain going down along the nerve distribution to the leg i.e has Lumbar pain with sciatica then this is most likely due to slip disc (Lumbar prolapsed disc or PIVD). Similarly neck pain with arm pain is likely due to slip disc in cervical region.  Slip disc problems are 100% easily treatable – call 020-24274039 (9 am to 9 pm IST) or 09881311973 or 09890822422 (anytime).

  • What is the cause of back pain?

    As part of the evolutionary development, When humans adopted the erect posture, A change occurred in the way that body weight was transmitted to the ground. Humans turned two-legged and thus had to transmit body weight via the spine to the hip joints and the lower limbs. Unfortunately, As our lumbar spine has to carry much more weight and strain, It becomes the commonest area of the spine to be subjected to degenerative nosubhealth.com processes, Also known as spondylosis. So taking care of your back by means of proper posture, Spine exercises and avoiding strain assures pain free life.

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