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Basic Spine
Human spine is a complex structure that provides both mobility (so to bend and twist) and stability (so to remain upright).
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Slipped Disc
Disc herniation means the cushion that sits between the spinal bones (vertebra) is pushed outside its normal position.
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Spinal Cord Tumor
A spinal cord tumor (may be either a cancerous or non-cancerous lesion) that grows between the membranes covering the spinal cord or in
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Spine Injury
Spinal cord trauma is a common entity. It may result from direct injury to the spinal cord itself or indirectly from damage to surrounding bones.
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Spine Specialist in Pune

We feel our team just not have the ‘Best Result’ in the world but also a ‘Vision for future’. This is the only team which has 100% results in spine surgery. For giving 100% one should know that 200% efforts are required. This means a perfect diagnosis, perfect patient fitness, perfect anesthesia then perfect surgery, perfect post operative care and perfect physiotherapy. This team not only knows that so many patients are elderly and have medical problem thus require extra attention but also knows that so many patients have lot of depression (psychological) due to long standing pain and we have special treatment for that too. This team believes in perfect care of every single aspect.

This team does perfect MAX Therapy for patients who are suffering a lot but doesn’t require any surgical procedure.

Most importantly, we do not just discuss or treat your problem but also tell the actual “reason” which led to the problem. This is the most important thing (of course after a perfect treatment) because if we manage the ‘reason’ then you will not get the same problem again, thus allows to remain healthy for life long.

Saam Sanjivani : Latest treatment and Surgery on Spine – back pain / neck pain problems.

Published on Nov 15, 2016

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Know Your Spine

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Spine Doctor in Pune
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Dr.Avneesh Gupte
Dr. Avneesh Gupte highly acclaimed Spine Specialist in Pune with he is the best Spine Doctor with the vast experience uses latest modern techniques for all types of Spine Treatments

About Us

Our spine clinic exists in Pune (city), Maharashtra(state), India. We are daily conducting OPD at Vinnayak Hospital which is the one & only spine hospital of Maharashtra State.

We also manage patients at Ruby Hall Clinic and at Inamdar Hospital , Pune

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Address : Vinnayak Hospital, Vastushree Complex (A Wing) , Near Market Yard Bus Depo , Pune - 411037, Maharashtra , India.

Phone : 020 - 24273698 , 24274039

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