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Our spine clinic exists in Pune (city), Maharashtra (state), India. Vinnayak Hospital is the one & only spine super speciality hospital of Maharashtra State. We check only and only spine related problems in our OPD (back pain, neck pain, and also all problems associated with it). We sincerely request all our website readers to strictly take appointment for only and only spine related issues, as VINNAYAK is pure spine hospital and we don't have any other specialist other than spine. Thus, all patients which come in OPD or admit in hospital are for spine problems only. This helps new coming patients to know the results from previously operated patients in both OPD and IPD (discussion with previous and recently operated patients).
Our OPD days are Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday (with prior appointment please to avoid inconvenience).

Chairman's Message

Super Specialist Spine surgeon Dr. Avneesh Gupte says that an avarage there is at least  one individual in almost every family who is suffering from back or neck pain, and also there is not a single individual in the world who has not suffered from back pain in his/her life. When we arrange camps and free check-ups for all diseases, we find the number of back pain patients are as high as diabetes & hypertension problem.

The message is LOUD:

♦ You must know about basic spine (structure and fuctions) and hot to take its care.
♦ Basic spine care and exercises are must even in healthy individuals.
♦ Delay in spine treatment can cause irreversible problem like paralysis

We have learned since childhood that there is no shortcut to success. But Dr. Gupte feels that this statement is incorrect. The answer is “Knowledge” is a shortcut to success. So this website starts with giving basic knowledge about spine i.e ‘Know your spine’ (on the home page) so that you understand about your spine & related issues better. This will not only decrease your anxiety about your problem but also allow you to plan ‘QUICKLY’ in ‘CORRECT’ direction about your spine good health.

Why I say “quickly”?

I believe that most of spine related problems are easy to treat if you report early to us. (AND THIS WHEN I SAY I ALSO MEAN MOST SPINE SURGERIES ARE EASY & VERY SIMPLE) but many unfortunate individuals keep suffering due to indecisiveness and go to irreversible damages.

How to decide the “correct direction”?

Simple ask your doctor about 3 things :-

1. Reason of present problem (so that you don’t get it back again).

2. Explain to you in detail about treatment / Surgery.

3 .Ask for videos or phone numbers of his previously treated patients (as many as you want).

You can get a “correct direction’’ too.

Vision and Values

The Spine clinic has a vision for future – vision is all patient with the Spine problem must be able to walk and work pain-free after treatment. Vision is to teach every individual person about their Spine structure, how it works or functions and how to diagnose basic spine problem BY YOUR OWN SELF (Read “Know your Spine” at home page of the website). Vision is to make every single patient reach to spine specialist on time before it is too late due to conditions like paralysis or at times loss of urine and stool control. We value and believe that every individual has the potential to recover to the fullest, and because of this  is the reason we don’t have one word in our dictionary i.e ‘NO’. Our team always try to get best functional outcomes from every single patient.

Specialty About Website

Welcome to the most informative neuro-spine website of the world. This we proudly say because the website carries not only the original matter (i.e. it is not copy-paste from Google or any book) but every single line is written by the chairman himself in the simplest language which anybody can easily understand.

Our Team

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Dr. Avneesh Gupte


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Dr. Anjoo Gupte

MBBS, MS (Director of Vinnayak Spine Center).

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Dr. Ashok Gupte

M.D.(Medicine), MCAI, FAGS(USA)  

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Dr. Umar Farooque Khan

BPTh, MPTh, MSc(osteopathy), DOMTP

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Dr.Abhay Somani

MBBS, DNB-Cardiology, DNB-General Medicine, FACC, MD-Medicine

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Dr.Madanlal Hajare


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