Max and Physiotherapy

We have very strong department of physiotherapy in our premises. We have total 7 physiotherapist (including Dr U.F khan who has done ‘Masters’ in Physiotherapy and leading the department). For chronic & long standing difficult conditions we have facility to admit the patient for aggressive supervised therapy.

MAX is a protocol where we give matrix therapy and suitable exercises / physiotherapy together , so we call MAX(Matrix +Exercises).

It’s true that – “Action says more than word” – thus it is a very big boost and encouragement for our own self that even patients which are 20-25 years of chronic pain problems are also permanently relieved and pain free.

It is fabulous technique for spine treatment in Pune , back pain treatment , neck pain treatment and joint pain(including knee).

About Us

Our spine clinic exists in Pune (city), Maharashtra(state), India. We are daily conducting OPD at Vinnayak Hospital which is the one & only spine hospital of Maharashtra State.

We also manage patients at Ruby Hall Clinic and at Inamdar Hospital , Pune

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Address : Vinnayak Hospital, Vastushree Complex (A Wing) , Near Market Yard Bus Depo , Pune - 411037, Maharashtra , India.

Call For Appointment : 020 - 24273698 , 24274039

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